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Welcome to the Radiate360 partner site. This site is a collection of all the resources you need to understand Radiate360 and the digital marketing industry. It includes sales materials, training videos, industry news, podcasts, and contact information for Radiate Media employees. Take time to explore the site and the features of Radiate360.

Training Videos
What is Radiate360? Learn the details of the product features to understand how they benefit local businesses and local media.
Sales Materials
Access one sheets, phone scripts, presentations, and best practices documents to assist you as you sell Radiate360 to local businesses.

Check out these video guides to Radiate360 features from Clint Brown, Director of Web Operations at Radiate Media.

News Archive
Get the scoop on all that is new in digital media and marketing for local business.

Industry News

  • The New SEO Risks of Guest Blogging: Is it Dead?
    February 3, 2014
    Google has recently announced that guest blogging is creeping into spam territory–at least when done incorrectly. Business owners often receive message from content providers claiming to offer “free” content through Guest Blogs. The catch is that spammy links are usually included in the text of the post.     Business owners can usually filter out these spammy links by stipulating that they have final approval over all links, and they will not post links to unrelated businesses or competitors. However, does this new spamming practice mean that guest blogging is dead as a link-building practice?   Chris Marentis covers this topic in a new Street Fight Magazine article, and offers three other link-building practices that businesses can employ instead. Read his article here.
  • Fatal Mistakes You Should Never Make on Social
    January 30, 2014
    Social media is full of as many errors as successes. How can you avoid the worst of the pitfalls? The usual advice applies: think before you post, proofread your writing, create a conversation rather than simply broadcasting messages. However, Mani Karthik covers a few ideas you probably haven’t heard before in his article, “17 Near-Fatal Mistakes I Regret Committing On Social Media In 2013.”    Mani’s confessions are an essential read for all businesses on social media. Follow this link to read the article.
  • Improving Social Media with Case Studies
    January 29, 2014
    Ric Dragon takes readers through the essentials of creating case studies in his article on Marketing Land. He advises each business create a case study for every client, starting from the first day. This is the best way to build up a library of successful case studies, but don’t just limit these case studies to trade shows and email blasts: use them on social as well.     Follow this link to read Ric’s article.